• Safety

  • High Standards

    Safety is designed and engineered into all our products.

    Westwood products are built to standards that exceed all current US mandatory and voluntary standards. We verify compliance with these standards using our own employees, as well as with testing carried out by an independent, third party off-site lab. We do this for every single production run, which is far more often than we are required to do.

    All of our products are made in a new, state of the art plant in Vietnam, and we have our own employees present for quality control whenever our furniture is in production. No juvenile furniture company has a stronger commitment to product safety than Westwood Design.


    We go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our finishes. We do our own independent testing for lead, phthalates, and other harmful materials after our furniture is finished. We have done this since the very first piece of furniture we ever built.

    Finish Testing

    We test all our products far more extensively than we are required to do. Our finishes have been tested not only for lead, but also against the ASTM F963 standard, which ensures that toys are non-toxic. It is not a requirement for cribs, but we do it anyway.

    Anti-tip Straps

    All of our hutches come with anti-tip safety straps included. These attach the furniture to the wall and can prevent tall, heavy furniture from being tipped over by a child. We strongly encourage you to look around your house and see if you have any other furniture that should be secured. Similar straps are available from any baby specialty store, hardware store, or home improvement store.

    Safety Strap Installation Instructions (pdf)

    If there are any questions you’d like answered in further detail, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to talk about the steps we take to make sure our products are safe.