• Product Care

    Avoid Heat and Light

    Position wood furniture away from heating vents, fireplaces or radiators to preserve moisture levels. Don't store wood furniture in attics, garages or any space that is not temperature controlled as temperature and humidity levels vary widely from summer to winter, day and night. Avoid placing furniture in areas of direct sunlight, which can fade the finish.

    Protect from Damage

    Moisture and heat can cause severe damage. Moisture will cause the wood to swell and separate the finish from the surface. This type of damage is characterized by a “white” appearance on the affected areas. If liquids are spilled on the furniture, dry all surfaces immediately. Avoid contact with hot objects as these will melt the finish. If an object is too hot to constantly hold in your hand, it is too hot to come in contact with the finish. This kind of damage is not easily repaired and may require a professional to restore to the original condition.

    Products containing acetates can destroy the finish. Common household products include lighter fluid, finger nail polish remover, alcohol and more. Avoid surface contact with any of these items.

    Placing objects with an abrasive bottom will scratch the finish if slid across the surface. Protect surfaces with fabric coverings or apply felt protectors to the bottom the objects.

    Care and Cleaning

    Dust your furniture frequently to avoid dirt buildup on surfaces. Polish with a professional care product using a clean, dry, nonabrasive cloth. Follow the grain of the wood as you polish for best results. Professional care products can be found at many fine furniture stores. Furniture wax can be used but not in combination with furniture polish as this may cause an undesirable residue.

    Occasionally, wood furniture will require heavier cleaning. Use an oil soap and follow the product instructions. Dry the surfaces with a clean, nonabrasive cloth and then apply your furniture polish or wax.