• Design

  • Beautiful Furniture

    We actually design furniture, and we leave the imitation to everybody else. We understand how to combine interesting surface details, rich finishes and styles to produce a cohesive product that doesn’t look like it was sketched on the back of a napkin in 15 minutes. Finally, nursery furniture you don’t have to apologize for.

    Thoughtfully Designed

    We obsess over finding clever touches to make your life easier. Here are a few of the thoughtful things you can find on Westwood products.

    Easy Reach Drawers

    We believe that the best place for a caregiver to stand when changing a baby is right in front of the child. We designed our Easy Reach™ drawers to keep you right in front of your child during changing. Sometimes it seems that the child’s job in the process is to try to get away, especially when they become mobile! Easy Reach™ drawers hold all the changing necessities, but allow you to stay in contact with the child without having to back away for conventionally opening drawers. It’s kind of like having a diaper and wipe holster right at your fingertips. Easy Reach™ drawers are not meant to be a safety device or a substitute for vigilance. They are a convenience device. You should stay in contact with the child being changed at all times. Always use an approved contour changing pad that complies with JPMA/ASTM standards. There will be a label on the safety belt of the changing pad that indicates the pad complies with the standard. Always follow the installation and use directions that come with the pad.

    Touch Lights

    If the birth of your child has not yet happened, we’re probably not the first to tell you that babies sometimes have to be changed at night. Westwood Design puts Touch Lights™ into the hutches that fit on top of our combos. By simply touching a small hidden pad, you can turn on and dim the lights in top of the hutch. Oh, and by the way, babies sometimes need to be fed at night, too.

    Convertible Hutch / Bookcase

    A hutch over a changing surface gives you a great place to store changing supplies and other things you might want to keep out of reach of kids. But we thought it might be even more useful if we included an option to use it differently when your child gets older. So we included a base. Our patent pending convertible hutch / bookcase gives your storage where you want it now, and a place for books that’s easily accessible to young readers in a few short years.

    Drop-In Bed Rail hardware

    Our convertible cribs use the same drop-in bed rail hardware found on adult beds. It’s sturdy and easy to use, and easy to take apart if you ever decide to move.